Company Annual Dinner: How To Plan A Successful Dinner Party

Company annual dinners are important functions that play a large part in all corporate planned for events. These events are not merely a way of highlighting the successes and challenges that a company has had over the past year. They are also an excellent way of ending the new year and bringing in the new one. The event hosts all the employees of a company, and may also include dignitaries and other guests.

company dinner
Planning for this type of event is essential and continues until the event is finally over. Adequate planning is what will help to ensure that all guests needs are met and that everyone thoroughly enjoys the event from the beginning to the end. This is something that BGT Lakeview can help you with. There are always moments of madness that accompany company dinner events, ranging from presentations, the order of entertainment, seating arrangements and other issues that can come up. However, if a solid plan is put into place, it can help with avoiding a majority of these kinds of issues. It also is very helpful to come up with a contingency plan that can be put into action in the event there are any unexpected glitches that arise. The following are some tips that can help you get control over all of the things that you need to consider when you are planning your company annual dinner.

– Identify what the event’s objective it. This will help you know who should be invited to attend, come up with the event’s theme, locate the right venue, and properly prioritize drinks, food and entertainment.

– Gather all invitee names in advance and then send out the invitations. Review all of the replies that are received and be prepared, if necessary to send out extra invites. Don’t be afraid to chase down all outstanding invites. It is important for you to now how many people will be attending in order to make the proper seating arrangements.

– Order all the necessary napkins, beverages, food and supplies.

Figure out if you will hire a catering services and make adequate plans with the service provider on the menu for the day and the in which order the food and drinks shall be saved.

– Develop a solid plan that covers all aspects of the entertainment. It should include any invited dignitaries, key speakers for the event, and any presentations that are planned by various company leaders.

– Wait to write the table numbers on your escort cards until a day before the event. It is better to wait because seating arrangements will most likely change several times before the event. Be sure to have all of your tables planned, including your head table. It’s a good idea to develop a contingency plan in the event there are any no-shows at the head table.

– Be prepared to have to deal with some chaos when it comes to your seating arrangements. People have a tendency to get themselves seated at the wrong table. Simply have a plan for dealing with those kinds of issues. You may want to have three or four company staff members at the door to usher your guests in and seat them at the proper tables. Have a photo guest list that can help your staff be able to identify your guests without need to ask each person for their name.

– As the event is beginning, be the last one to sit down. Only sit down after you have walked around the tables and checked for empty spots, discussed eating arrangements with the catering staff, and completed the order of proceedings that has been confirmed by the individual who is directing and hosting the company annual dinner.

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Take A Tour At Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is not only the capital city of Malaysia, this is also one of the best places to go when

travelling to the country. And this is the home for one of the tallest twin building in the world, the

Petronas Twin Towers. With this, a city tour at Kuala Lumpur will not be complete without a visit to

these two towers. Here some of the few things that you will learn from a KL city tour guide.


At 452 feet, the Petronas Tower has been the tallest building until 2004 Taipei’s 101 was built. While

most of the towers are used for business, the there is a shopping mall at the base of the tower for

tourists. Aside from the famous twin tower, the surroundings of the building also caters both local and

foreign visitors. With the KLCC Park that has been a friendly place for everyone who wants to jog, walk

around or just sit by a water fountain. The park is sure to make your Kuala Lumpur city tour a laidback

and healthy experience.

Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers

But for those who prefers relaxing through music, there is the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas concert hall,

which is one of the leading venues for classical music. This concert hall is just located between the two

towers, and has been known to be the host for the most respected musical talents in the world. But for

those who wants to go higher, the Petronas Twin Tower has an observation deck on the 86th level of the

tower, where visitors can view the history of the tower and can just view the city in a different

perspective, and for an even better view, visitors can always visit the double-decked Skybridge that is

not only a tourist spot, but also an emergency exit route and allows workers to move from one building

to another.


But that’s not the only tower that the city can offer, there is also the Mehara KL tower, although it

stands a bit lower than the Petronas tower at 421 meters, the viewing deck is at least 100 meters higher,

and perfect to watch during the night, where visitors can see the bright lights sparkle the whole city. But

aside the magnificent view, this tower boasts its Atmosphere 360, or commonly known as the revolving

restaurant, where the table of the visitor changes place, from the buffet table, to the grand piano, but

make no mistake, the rotation won’t make anyone dizzy, the rotation takes more than an hour to be

completed, and the area is just intimate but in the same time, trendy.


Visitors can just enjoy sipping a glass of wine, calm down with some music and enjoy the starry fiber

optic ceiling lights. The place usually have a lot of people, but it is never noisy, with the sky high view,

and romantic set-up, this place is just perfect for date nights. But in a restaurant, it all comes down to

the food, of course this place offers a buffet meal with three absolutely delicious stations, the appetizer

area, the main course section and the dessert bar , the meals changes every week, so costumers will not

be bored by the repeating menu. These two buildings is the solid proof that Kuala Lumpur should be one

of the top places to go in South East Asia.

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Tour Putrajaya in Malaysia

Putrajaya, a “Savvy Garden City” and the government managerial capital of Malaysia, is a showcase city under development by most accounts 30 km south of the capital Kuala Lumpur. Her nearby City life Putrajayasister city, Cyberjaya, is constructed similarly, yet is gone for drawing in the IT business. The zone was once known as Prang Besar. Here more things you need to know about the city before starting your Putra Jaya tour.

Putrajaya covers an endless sprawl of about 4,930 hectares, which were basically palm ranches before the government acquired the parcel from the encompassing condition of Selangor. The city’s masterplan is composed along a hub digression which keeps running from the upper east to southeast, with tenderly undulating territory. Around 40% of Putrajaya is common, however the scene has been widely revamped by man: rich greenery and organic greenhouses are spread over the scene, mismatched by extensive waterways and wetlands. Five conjunctions meet at the north shaping a fundamental conduit, the Putrajaya Lake, which streams over the city range.

Getting in to Putrajaya

Via plane

The closest airplane terminal is Kuala Lumpur International Airport. A coupon or metered spending plan taxi to or from KLIA will take 30 minutes and cost around RM60. On the other hand, you can take the KLIA Transit from the air terminal to Putrajaya station and exchange to a taxi.

By taxi
taxis kuala lumpur
Coupon taxis from Kuala Lumpur’s KL Sentral expense an altered RM45, yet else you’ll need to experiment with your bartering abilities – figure on RM40-50, and hope to pay more during the evening.

Via train

For open transport the speediest decision is the KLIA Transit interfacing Kuala Lumpur’s Sentral train station to its airplane terminal, which stops most of the way in the middle of at Putrajaya. Trains run like clockwork, take 20 minutes and the rundown cost is RM 9.50 restricted. Putrajaya visit return tickets are no more accessible.

Note: The high velocity KLIA Express is not to be mistaken for KLIA Transit. KLIA Express, dissimilar to KLIA Transit, goes from the KL Sentral train station to KLIA and the other way around constant, which implies the train only goes past by the Putrajaya train station. Try not to ride KLIA Express in case you’re setting out toward Putrajaya.

Getting Around Putrajaya

Open transportation inside Putrajaya is woefully deficient, as separations are long and you need wheels to get around. Incidental Nadiputra transports putter about from the train station indiscriminately times in irregular headings. These transports Putrajayacharge a level passage of 50 sen for grown-ups and 30 sen for tyke underneath 12. Your most solid option is likely to enquire at KLIA or KL Sentral about sorted out visits. There are additionally open two-hour visits at 11.30 AM and 3 PM on Saturday and Sunday just, withdrawing from the data focus at Selera Putra adjoining the Putra Mosque, that charge just a token RM 1 for the transport.

Putrajaya’s principle sights are the gigantic showcase structures place up in this future capital, all in downtown.

Note that a clothing regulation applies to Perdana Putra,Putra Mosque and Seri Perdana, significance no T-shirts, shoes, singlets, shorts, or “obscene” wear for women. The mosque gives out stunning pink robes free of charge, yet the rest don’t.

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